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SmokeGENIE Magic Remote

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SmokeGENIE Magic Remote
Kood: B-291422
Would you like to control your 1 or more smoke machines remotely? You use the SmokeGENIE smoke machine both directly with the button on the back or via this remote control. This remote has 4 channels, with which you can easily assign up to 10 SmokeGENIE smoke machines per button.

Important features Magic Remote:

  • Original: the remote is made by SmokeGENIE
  • Press & Play: you don't wait for anything, there is instant smoke after pressing the button
  • Universal: with the remote you control the mini fan and SmokeGENIE at the same time
Smoke production can be started and stopped from a distance of 5 meters. The remote control works on a 23A 12V battery, which is not included.

1x SmokeGENIE Magic Remote