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Minelab PRO-FIND 40 PinPointer (3226-0005)

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Minelab PRO-FIND 40 PinPointer (3226-0005)
Kood: 3226-0005
Type Pinpointer
Battery type 9 V
Weight 0.234 kg
Pikkus 247 mm
Tundlikkus 5 režiimi
Veepidavus Kuni 3 meetrit
PinPoint Yes
Water resistant 3 m
Volume control Yes
Garantii 2 aastat

Designed for the complete detectorist, the PRO-FIND 40 pinpointer features increased depth, adjustable 5-level sensitivity, Rapid Re-tune, ferrous tone ID, high visibility and handy lost-alarm. With the PRO-FIND 40 discover coins, rings and gold precisely — on land and under water — with unparalleled depth and speed. 


  • Increased depth: Finely tuned algorithms and circuitry deliver a solid increase in detection depth by 10% making PRO-FIND 40 Minelab’s deepest and most accurate pinpointer.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: Five sensitivity levels enable you to precisely adjust for maximum depth and minimum noise in all ground conditions.
  • Rapid re-tune: Rapidly re-tune your PRO-FIND 40 to suit your environment at the press of a button, minimising interference in challenging ground conditions.
  • DIF technology: DIF significantly reduces interference with an operating detector when PRO-FIND 40 is switched off.
  • Fully waterproof 3 m: Rugged waterproof design ideal for beach and river pinpointing. The perfect companion for a waterproof detector.
  • Audio & vibration: Audio tones and vibration intensify as the probe approaches the target making recovery easier, especially underwater.
  • Hight visibility - with lost-alarm: PRO-FIND 40 pinpointer's bright red handgrip and lost-alarm feature makes it easy to locate your forgotten PRO-FIND 40.
  • Ferrous tone ID: Two different responses help you to identify ferrous junk from non-ferrous treasure.
  • LED flashlight: Illuminate targets in lowlight conditions with the bright LED Flashlight to continue the adventure.
  • Holster & lanyard: Holster and Lanyard Included.


  • Key Technologies: VLF, DIF
  • Target Identification: Iron Tone Identifier
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable (5 levels)
  • Waterproof: Water resistant up to 3 m (10 ft)
  • Quick Reconfiguration
  • Sound indication: On, off.
  • Vibration indication: On, off
  • LED Flashlight Yes
  • Battery: 9V PP3 (included)
  • Battery life: 20 hours nominal
  • Length: 247 mm 
  • Weight: 188 g without battery / 234 g with battery


  • PRO-FIND 40 pinpointer with speaker and LED flashlight
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • 9V PP3 battery
  • Multi-language instructions
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Google Reviews Arvustused
3 months ago
Заказала батут. Пришел в Эстонию в течение 3-х дней! Супер! Собирать очень легко. Все детали на месте. Качество отличное! Сразу заказала и крепление, чтобы батут не улетел! Это просто здорово, что всё можно заказать в одном месте и при этом не выходя из дома! Рассказала всем своим знакомым про этот магазин!
5 months ago
Nusipirkau irklente,isiunte ta pačia dieną ir pristate uz kelių dienų,super kaina is visų pasiūlymu pigiausia 🙂likau patenkintas ir preke ir pristatymu🙂
4 months ago
Excellent service - bought an AM Fusion SUP board - with a great on-sale offering price - on Wednesday evening. And on Friday morning, it was already delivered to my doorstep. Absolutely great, keep up this kind of customer-oriented service (Y)