Muscle massage gun Hi5 Sportster with 7 head attachments

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Muscle massage gun Hi5 Sportster with 7 head attachments
Code: S04414
Type Muscle massage gun
Weight 0.850 kg
Number of head attachments 7
Number of speeds 4
Wattage 72 W
Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Battery life up to 9 h.
Guarantee 2 years

Percussion massage therapy is one of the newest developments in the industry and a very popular trend in professional and home massage. It uses fast, soft blows over a short amount of time to shock muscle fibers. The continuous taps help muscles let go of their tension, so you can relax and heal, relieve back and neck pain and muscle fatigue after work, sitting at the computer, or sports training. It also helps to get the body into the necessary tone, improve skin condition, and increase muscle elasticity.

By purchasing a percussion massage gun, you will:

  1. Save your time and money instead of going to a massage salon. Buying a massage gun, you pay only once and it pays off for 2-3 times massage sessions.
  2. You can do the massage yourself in any convenient place. The device is very small, easily fits in a bag or suitcase, it is convenient to use when traveling.
  3. You will feel the effect immediately. Professional athletes love percussion massager, as it is able to instantly and deeply work out all problem areas. High-frequency impact relieves the muscles and deep tissue fatigue. You will feel the effect immediately, the same as after a high-quality manual massage.
  4. Experiment with different types of massage. The set includes 7 interchangeable head attachments made of high-quality soft material for different areas of the body during the massage.
  5. Improve skin condition. Percussion massager is the perfect choice for fighting cellulite and excess weight. Regular massage will improve blood circulation, speed up the metabolism process, "break" fat deposits, and make the skin more elastic.


  • amplitude - 12 mm
  • 7 different massage head attachments for a different muscle group
  • 4 vibration levels, 1600-2900 times / min
  • high-torque vibration motor (up to 2900 percussions per minute)
  • powerful lithium battery (up to 9 hours of use per charge) 
  • smart lighting system that creates a special atmosphere, especially at night. The color changes depending on the massage mode
  • low noise level (37db-45db)
  • percussion gets deep into the muscle tissue (up to 8 cm)
  • fast charging time (2 hours)
  • comes with a beautiful storage case

Main characteristics:

  • Charge type: battery, power 72V, capacity 2600 mA
  • Size: 26х18х4.8 cm
  • Massager weight: 0.850 kg
  • Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery

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