Metal detector Minelab Vanquish 440

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Metal detector Minelab Vanquish 440
Kood: 3820-0002
Type Hobidetektorid
Frequency Multi-IQ
Battery type 4xAA / 1.5 V
Otsimispoolid 7"x10" DD
Weight 1.27 kg
Pikkus 760-1450 mm
Tundlikkus 10 režiimi
Beginners Yes
Middle Yes
Professional No
Treasure and artifacts Yes
Beach finds Yes
Underwater No
Gold Yes
Sagedus up to 9 kHz Yes
Sagedus 10-15 kHz Yes
Sagedus from 16 kHz Yes
Otsimispoolid kuni 10" Yes
Otsimispoolid 11-14" No
Otsimispoolid alates 15" No
DD Otsimispoolid Yes
PinPoint Yes
Water resistant No
Volume control Yes
Display backlight No
Headphone jack 3.5 mm
Garantii 2 aastat

Buy a budget metal detector of a beginner level and become a professional in searching - is it possible? Surely, if we are talking about Minelab Vanquish 440. 

An absolutely new line of detectors of metals Vanquish works on multi frequency technologies making this inexpensive device quite effective. Now searching in the ground or on the beach gives only positive emotions as the results exceed expectations. 

Metal detector features:

  • Detects metals of different conductivity. 

  • Multi-IQ technology ensures work at several frequencies.

  • Automatic noise reduction.

  • Possible coil immersion- up to 1 meter.

  • Automatic soil balancing.

  • Built-in pinpointer.

  • 4 factory settings + 1 own.

  • DD coil (7*10”) can be replaced with other coils.

  • 12 steps on discrimination scale.

Buying a metal detector of a new generation Vanquish is a practical decision not only for a beginner but for a more experienced searcher. A bright, attractive device will open absolutely new searching limits.

Factory Included Accessories:

  • DD coil (7*10”)​
  • Coil cover
  • Armrest 
  • Wired 3.5mm (1/8") headphones
  • 4 x AA NiMH rechargeable
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11 months ago
I ordered cosmetologic chair/table from this company to Lithuania. Read the reviews and choose to buy from Morex than from my own country selling companies. I was suprised by the fast shipping! They shipped it very fast, pretty got it the other day. The problem was with the DPD couriers who somehow managed to lost the huge package for a few days and damage it. But after some calls and searching the package was found. The chair itself is in good quality, inside of the package wasn't damaged, so I am happy. Your customer service is amazing, got replies in email very fast! Thank you so much! Will be definitely ordering more.
a month ago
Спасибо. Я довольна покупкой. Делаю заказ уже не первый раз. Очень быстрая доставка в Эстонию. хотелось бы, чтобы в Таллине было побольше пунктов выдачи. Пока только один и находится в неудобном месте.
2 months ago
Хочу выразить огромную благодарность за отличную работу! Здесь заказываю впервые. Была просто шокирована, когда на второй день , после заказа, курьер прислал СМС, что доставит заказ в течении часа. 👍И это из Латвии в Эстонию.У нас по Таллину посылку можно неделю ждать.У ребят СУПЕР МЕГА скорость! И было общение по телефону с Николаем, всё корректно, чётко и приятно! Огромное спасибо!
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