Metallist jalgratta telefonihoidja, must

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Metallist jalgratta telefonihoidja, must
Kood: 00008820
Materjal Metallist
Kaal 0.140 kg
Suurus 5x8x9 cm
Garantii 2 aastat

Riding a bike is a pleasure that more and more of us use. Some people travel tens of kilometers every day.   But what about the phone?   While moving the bicycle, it is hard to hear when it rings, and wearing it in pants or in a jacket can be, firstly, uncomfortable, and secondly, dangerous, because it may fall out during the ride.   The solution to the problem is the handle.

The set includes 3 different sizes of covers, which allow you to adjust them to different types of steering wheels, depending on the needs and the vehicle. The holder will fit any type of bicycle, city, mountain, electric, BMX, as well as scooters, scooters and quads.

The handle is made of   aluminum , thanks to which it will serve you for many seasons. Compared to cases mounted on a bicycle, the use of the holder is more beneficial for the phone - if we ride a bicycle and use it, it may overheat, so   adequate ventilation is essential for the device. Also set of anti-slip stickers, so that each edge is secured. The overlays cushion the phone - this is very important, especially if you are driving on uneven surfaces; will protect the phone and will not expose it to scratches.

The holder is designed for phones with a width of 50-100mm, regardless of the brand - it is compatible with any phone within the given range. Due to the fact that we can install not only horizontally, but also vertically, we can also use the navigation! It can also be mounted directly to the bracket / bridge. Compared to cases mounted on a bicycle, the use of the holder is more beneficial for the phone - if we ride a bike and use it, it may overheat, so proper ventilation is necessary for the device.


  • black colour
  • material: aluminum
  • designed for phones from 3.6 "to 6.2" inches
  • the width of the arms of the handle: from 5.5 cm to 10 cm
  • dimensions (length / width / height): 9/8 / 5cm
  • weight of the set: 0.14 kg
  • weight with packaging: 0.16 kg


  • handle
  • fastening screw
  • 2 screws for the clamp
  • 3 sizes of overlays
  • non-slip pads
  • 3 hex keys

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a month ago ir viegli un saprotoši iepirkties, pietiekami liels klāsts, ceru ka vēl lielāks būs. Gan arī klātienē bija patīkami iepirkties, paskaidro un iesaka pēc jūsu vēlmēm. Patīkami veikala strādnieki 😊👍👍👍
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Leidsin sobiva toote vaid teie internetipoest. Peale tasumist saabus kaup väga kiiresti kohale. Olen väga rahul.
3 months ago
Lätist tellida soodsam(kaup+kuller) kui eestist. Soovitan soojalt
2 months ago
Smorgens besteld , 1 u later afgehaald , was onmiddelijk beschikbaar op zondag , ruime parking 😊 spreken Engels 👍