Kowa Binoculars SVII 8x32

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Kowa Binoculars SVII 8x32
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With the new SVII series, Kowa has introduced a modern and affordable pair of binoculars on the market which is equipped with high quality optics. All lenses are made of high quality Japanese eco-glass and have different coatings to achieve the best results. The housing has also been upgraded, making the SVII series even more comfortable to handle.
The Kowa SVII 8x32 binoculars are compact and with only 565 grams they are ideal for various purposes. Would you like to watch (water) sports events up close, spot planes and / or birds or take the binoculars with you during city trips? Then the Kowa SVII with lenses of 32mm and magnification of 8 times is an excellent choice. The SVII series represents the perfect balance between optimum performance and modern design!
All components in this SVII series are fully multicoated. This ensures that light transmission, colour definition, brightness and contrast always perform at their best. The roof prisms are also treated with phase coatings to increase their reflective power. This results in a sharper image and a much more pleasant view for the user. The lenses are also equipped with the Kowa Repelling (KR) lens coatings and the roof prism binoculars are 100% waterproof. The KR lens coatings make the Kowa SVII series easy to maintain.


Because the roof prisms are treated with phase coatings, the reflective power is increased. This results in a sharper image. The Kowa Repelling technology prevents grease, liquid and dirt from accumulating on the surface, making cleaning much easier. This KR technology also reduces the risk of scratching a fragile lens surface, as less pressure is required to remove dirt. With the 100% waterproof Kowa SVII 8x32 fully filled with nitrogen gas, these roof prism binoculars can cope with all temperature fluctuations without fogging up the lenses on the inside.


The focus of the Kowa SVII 8x32 is controlled with the central focusing wheel which is very easy to handle. Under the right eyepiece is a dioptric adjustment ring with a special groove to give extra grip during use. This allows the binoculars to be accurately focused and adapted to the individual user to provide a clear and sharp image.

Field of view

The SVII 8x32 from Kowa has a huge field of vision with 136 meters at 1000 meters.


The Kowa SVII 8x32 binoculars come with a comfortable carrying strap and a water-repellent bag in addition to the lens caps and eyepiece protection cap. This means you don't have to worry when it suddenly starts to rain or when you are at the water's edge. Of course a manual is included and the SVII 8x32 is delivered in a luxurious package.
If you want to observe objects or animals in a relaxing way, it is also possible to place the new Kowa SVII binoculars on a tripod. For this you need to use the optional Kowa Binoculars Tripod Adapter. This adapter can be mounted on the front of the binoculars by removing the cover with the name Kowa on the front of the binoculars. This Tripod adapter can be found with optional accessories.

Application Kowa Binoculars SVII 8x32

The Kowa SVII binoculars are extremely compact and lightweight. This allows them to be used for various observations. From bird watching during cycling and walking tours, to city trips and a visit to an animal park. The KR lens coatings make the Kowa SVII series easy to clean.
The 100% water and fog resistant rubber armour ensures that the lenses are well protected against accidents.
  SVII 8x32 SVII 10x32 SVII 8x42 SVII 10x42 SVII 10x50 SVII 12x50
Magnification 8x 10x 8x 10x 10x 12x
Ø Objective 32mm 32mm 42mm 42mm 50mm 50mm
Close focus distance 2m 2m 4m 4m 5,5m 5,5m
Field of view (°) 7,8° 6,0° 6,3° 6,0° 5,0° 4,8°
Exit pupil 4,0mm 3,2mm 5,3mm 4,2mm 5,0mm 4,2mm
Light transmission 16,0 10,2 28,1 17,6 25,0 17,6
Twilight factor 16,0 17,9 18,3 20,5 22,4 24,5
Eye relief 15,5mm 16,0mm 19,5mm 15,5mm 19,5mm 15,5mm
Interpupillary Distance 58,5 ~ 72mm 58,5 ~ 72mm 58,5 ~ 72mm 58,5 ~ 72mm 58,5 ~ 72mm 58,5 ~ 72mm
Field of view /1000m 136m 105m 110m 105m 87m 84m
Length 138mm 140mm 174mm 172mm 178mm 176mm
Width 124mm 124mm 128mm 128mm 133mm 133mm
Height 50mm 50mm 56mm 56mm 60mm 60mm
Weight 565g 570g 665g 670g 740g 745g

1x Kowa binoculars SVII 8x32;1x Comfortable Carrying strap;1x Water-repellent bag;2x Objective caps;1x Eyepiece cap;1x Manual ( English );1x Luxury packaging

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