Intex MARINER 3 FULL SET with Neraus NRS 36X + Monbat 125 AH

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Intex MARINER 3 FULL SET with Neraus NRS 36X + Monbat 125 AH

Boat Mariner 3
Motor Neraus 36X
Battery Monbat 125Ah
Charger Deca 9A
Type Boat+Mot+Bat+Char+Mount

The set contains:
- Intex motor mount;  
- Electric boat motor NERAUS 36x
- Boat Intex Mariner 3;
- Power boat battery MONBAT MONOLITH POWER 125Ah (20h);  
- Pulse Battery Charger DECA 9A; 
- Cleat set 50Ah.
Intex motor mount:
The Intex Motor Mount Kit features an easy to attach marine plywood mount with aluminum supports. Fits up to 3.0 HP motors and is meant for use with the Intex Challenger 3 & 4, Seahawk 2, 3 & 4, Excursion 2, 3, 4 & 5, Seahawk II and Mariner 4 Boats.
Electric boat motor NERAUS 36x:
Neraus X-series trolling motor is the latest model developed by Neraus Company. Trolling motor, by definition, is a specific type of electrical outboard motor that is used for trolling fishing. Since it supplies adjustable speed and operates extremely quite without ascaring away fish, trolling motors have become more popular for fishing in lake and river area.

Neraus X-series trolling motor has excellent quality. The shaft is made of complex fiber, which gives great stiffness. The motor shell is well protected by resin so that it is anti-corrosive against salt water. The propeller is designed to be dual blades and is able to provide higher efficiency than those of triple baldes.

Main features.

The handle has the ability to rotate upward and downward woth a maximum of 30 degrees to provide most comfortable control experience. A movement lockis also equipped to maintain handle position.

The transom bracket can lift the motor when it is idle. The height of motor can be adjusted by the position locker. 

Motor has a 10 LEDs battery indicator that indicates the current battery status. 5 Forward speeds 3 reverse speeds.

Neraus NRS 36
Thrust: 36 LBS / 16.3 KGS;
Input Power: 12V, 29A, 348W;
Shaft length: 30'';
Max speed: 6.5 km/h.
Boat Intex Mariner 3:
The Intex Mariner 3 boat comes with everything needed for that perfect day on the lake. The Mariner boats are made with Intexs tough 30 gauge vinyl to ensure the longevity of the raft and make it relatively puncture-free. This three person boat comes with oars, pump, storage bag, repair patch, battery, and accessory pouches. You can row with ease using the 54 aluminum oars in the rotational oar locks. Look no further for the perfect fishing raft. The rigid floor makes it easy to land your fish. You can even stand up and cast on calm stretches of the water. The seats keep you high in the boat, so you can see the surroundings and land all your fish. For such a low cost, this durable yet portable boat is considered to be the best value of any three man inflatable boats out there. 

Capacity: 3 Persons or 660 lbs
Dimensions: 297x127x46
Pump: Intex Double Quick II Hand Pump
Oars: 54 Aluminum oars
Accessories Included: Storage bag, patch kit, battery pouch, gear pouch.
Optional Accessories: Motor Mount Kit (can be purchased separately)
Rigid floor is perfect for fishing
Welded on oar locks rotate around 360 degrees to make rowing this boat a breeze
Two Boston valves on main hull chambers make inflating and deflating the boat fast
Grab handle on both ends for easy carrying
Heavy-duty side rock guards protect against punctures
Two fishing rod holders at each end of the boat for hands-free fishing
Two inflated seat cushions with new comfortable rectangular design
Two oar holder to store oars when not in use
Power boat battery MONBAT MONOLITH POWER 125Ah (20h):
  • Capacity: 125 Ah;
  • Length: 345 mm;
  • Width: 175 mm;    
  • Height: 285 mm;
  • Weight: 32 kg;
  • Manufacturer: Bulgaria.
Pulse Battery Charger DECA 9A:
230V 12V / 9A 10-120Ah
  • Automatic battery charging.
  • Designed for charging 12V lead acid, AGM and GEL type batteries.
  • Designed for all types of batteries with a capacity from 10 to 120 ampere-hours.
  • 9A charging current.
  • Maximum power consumption - 115W.
  • Internal transformer with copper coil for effective charging.
  • Protected against incorrect connection of terminals.
  • The battery can be left connected to the charger, without any risks.
  • Made in Italy (DECA s.p.a. RSM).

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