StudioKing Daylight Kit SB07 1x45W

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StudioKing Daylight Kit SB07 1x45W
Code: B-572587
Height 200 cm
Power 45 W
Guarantee 2 years
The SB07 set from StudioKing consists of a softbox and tripod to create a simple exposure. The color temperature of 5700 K ensures a beautiful daylight. Because the lamp is adjustable in height and angle, you can light the subject perfectly. The kit comes with a 45W daylight lamp, which is placed in the softbox. Also, a honeycomb is included to steer the light in one direction. The solid tripod provides a stable base. It has a maximum height of two meters.

Power SB07

The power of this spiral lamp can be multiplied by a factor of 5 to compare it to the output of a standard light bulb. This means that the power of this 45W lamp is comparable to 225W. Please note that different grades and price ranges are available. It is therefore wise to compare the light output (measured in LUX) of any lamp or brand. The true light output of this lamp is listed in the specifications at the bottom of this page.

Usage SB07

The set is specially designed for creative filmmakers and photographers who want to create a beautiful image at every location. Because the softbox is foldable, you can take it with you in the included bag. In addition to interviews and product photography, the set is also recommended for vloggers. To create a beautiful three-point exposure, which is ideal for interviews, we have a SB03 set. This set contains three separate lamps with softboxes and stands. You will find them at the optional accessories.

1x Lamp Holder; 1x Foldable Softbox 40x60 cm; 1x Light Stand; 1x 45W Spiral lamp; 1x Fitted carry bag

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7 months ago
Ordered on 22/11, received on 23/11 and delivery was free as well. Very smooth checkout process w/ multiple payment options, including banklink; unlike a lot of other ones that just send you an invoice after 2 days. Hands down the best online shopping experience I've had here in Latvia.
5 months ago
Great service, very kind and helpful personnel.
10 months ago
Was surprised to find some rare items here. (kettlebells with affordable price)
2 months ago
I ordered cosmetologic chair/table from this company to Lithuania. Read the reviews and choose to buy from Morex than from my own country selling companies. I was suprised by the fast shipping! They shipped it very fast, pretty got it the other day. The problem was with the DPD couriers who somehow managed to lost the huge package for a few days and damage it. But after some calls and searching the package was found. The chair itself is in good quality, inside of the package wasn't damaged, so I am happy. Your customer service is amazing, got replies in email very fast! Thank you so much! Will be definitely ordering more.
4 months ago
I like this place. Polite personnels and good items to buy 🤑