Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse 4 m² (2x2m)

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Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse 4 m² (2x2m)
Code: 00010022
Dimensions 2x2 m
Hight 2 m
Greenhouse area 4 m²
Weight 26 kg
Film colour Green
Guarantee 2 years

Many gardeners sooner or later start thinking about putting up a greenhouse construction at their allotment or in the yard of their summer house. A ready-made greenhouse manufactured from reinforced plastic will supply crops nearly all year round, and will protect them from birds, pests and bad weather. Plastic film greenhouse 13,5m² (3x4,5m) will allow being independent from weather conditions and having an all year round harvest of vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Need arguments? In the following lines you will learn the most important information about our film greenhouses:

  1. Durable reinforced film is used for covering the metal frame. The structure of the film consists of two outer layers of polyethylene with a middle layer of reinforced penopropelene net. Thanks to weaving in a special net, the film is able to endure mechanical loading.  

  2. If the film gets damaged, the net will prevent further spreading of the defect.

  3. Beside durability, it has a good heat exchange and it is able to keep a constant temperature mode. Such farm greenhouse constructions will easily endure  heavy wind and snow loads.

The arched greenhouse frame consists of steel zink-plated cross-sections. The coating gives reliable protection to the frame from rust and corrosion. In the garden greenhouse you can achieve the greenhouse effect, that helps to speed up the harvest ripening. Window frames on both sides allow airing the hothouse. You don’t need any welding works to put the greenhouse up; it considerably shortens the time spent on its mounting.


  • tunnel color: green
  • tunnel material: film + PE;
  • construction material: galvanized pipes;
  • number of sections: 2;
  • number of inputs: 1;
  • number of windows: 4;
  • tunnel size: 4m2 (2x2x2);
  • weight: ~ 25kg


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